Management Philosophy

페이퍼코리아소개 페이지로 이동 주요연혁 페이지로 이동

Under the principle of a “people-oriented company” and transparent management, every member of the Company is committed to achieving the best competitiveness in the industry.

Vision – Ginkgo tree
A Company with the Best Competitiveness

Just as a Ginkgo tree, a symbol of eternity and always giving, we are trying to be a company beneficial to everyone.

Management objective – Fruit
Sales - 300 billion KRW
Operating Profit – About 30 billion KRW

PCI management innovation has been fully practiced

  • - Initiative and field-oriented management
  • - Creative thinking and idea
  • - Target Management
Management strategy – Branch
PCI management innovation

3 tools

  • - TPM, TQM, Lifelong Study
Management philosophy -Root
Transparent Management
  • - People-oriented management
  • - Communication and participation
  • - Innovation and transformation