We are committed to enhancing our financial structure by continuous challenges and innovation.

Developing a new growth engine by investing in higher value-added markets
Pioneering and making a successful entry into higher value-added markets
Diversification and development of new products through the innovation of manufacturing technologies
Securing the cost competitiveness by developing competitive raw materials, and others
Securing profits through the separated production for each paper type
PAPERCOREA Gunsan Factory (specialized in eco-friendly special packaging paper production)
  • - Changing the factory’s product portfolio
  • - Producing industrial eco-friendly packaging paper and special-purpose paper
  • - Establishing the foundation to successfully launch into a new market
  • - Securing profits through the production of high value-added paper products
NATURA PAPER (specialized in newsprint paper production)
  • - Obtainded the Cheongju Factory that has top class cost competitiveness
  • - Achieved a profit-making factory
  • - Maximizing the competitiveness
Enhancing the company’s competitiveness through the Gunsan factory plot development project
Plot development
  • - The area of the factory plot in Jochon-dong 597,764㎡
  • - THE OCEAN CITY, the first multifunctional new city in Jeollabuk-do
  • - Securing a profit through the development of residential, shopping, education, and cultural facilities
Factory moved to the newly constructed site
  • - Construction of a new compact mill at Bieungdo-dong, Gunsan National Industrial Complex #2 was Completed in early 2018
  • - Cost innovation and energy reduction achieved