We are constantly trying to operate eco-friendly business in order to minimize any adverse effects on environment.

잔디밭의 아이들
Produce Eco-Friendliness
Obtained the FSC Recycled 100% International Certification (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • Forest management certification program operated by the international stewardship council
  • Certified 100% recycled pulp product
  • The certification is subject to the annual evaluation (2010 ~ till now)
  • Certified products: newsprint, wrapping and packaging paper
Use sustainable resources
  • Use 100% recycled paper for every product
  • By using an average of 750 tons of recycled paper a day, protecting the woods
    (pine tree protection effect: 13,000 trees a day (30-year-old pine 17 trees x 750)
  • By substituting pulp with 100% recycled pulp, We are at the forefront in leading the recycling of used paper.
Energy Reduction & Environment Protection

For our production processes, we have raised the raw material utilization rate and energy efficiency and minimized the emission of waste materials and harmful materials

  • - Dedicated team(environment energy team) is operated, flexible operation of production facilities by suitable timing: flexible operation of production facilities
  • - Reduced emission of greenhouse gas, electric power saving facilities
  • - With consistent investments on eco-friendly facilities (furnace, cogeneration plant), we are dedicated at complying with the applicable environment regulations and minimizing the emission of harmful substance
  • - Operating the air pollutant monitoring system (TMS)
  • - Setting the criterion for the amount of water for use and the water purity control.
  • - Minimizing environmental issues by complying with environment regulations and engaging in environment improvement activities
  • - Recycling of waste (sludge, waste synthetic resin) and resources: the amount of fossil fuel for use is reduced
  • - Waste sorting: the energy recovery rate and recycling rate are enhanced.