Sustainable management is the ethical duties and contribution of a company for a better future!
We are aiming to be a part of the social community, actively fulfilling our social responsibilities.

맞잡은 두 손
  • Donation for our neighbors

    Every member of the company participates to help our neighbors, delivering donated goods to our neighbors twice a year

  • 1 Park for 1 Company Project

    We have settled an agreement with Gunsan-si being assigned with one park to be in charge of its management, providing a rest area for citizen

  • Daul Volunteers’ Community Service Activities

    Providing human resources for supporting senior citizens living alone, social welfare centers, and citizens devastated by natural disasters

  • Supporting local communities and communication activities

    contributing to the promotion of local communities and communication with the public by participating and supporting various local activities

  • Supporting afforestation

    Planting seedlings and supporting garden management activities for the environment

  • Supporting the activation of open markets

    Purchasing open market gift cards for promoting and activating the local open markets and communities

For many years, we have administered various activities to support and promote the local communities, such as promoting local open markets, executing the living condition enhancement project, and others. These activities have been made to conserve the environment and to enhance the future of our local community.