The Scope of the Plan
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  • Planning


  • Project Site

    - Location: Jochon-dong, Gunsan-si
    Area: 597,764㎡

  • Development Direction

    - Residence, commercial, education facilities, etc.

  • Development Period

    - Base year: 2013
    Target year: 2020

 Location map

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The Background and Purpose of the Plan
The Background of the Plan
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  • To resolve the environmental issues and civil complaints

  • Balanced development of Gunsan-si

  • To lead the development of adjacent areas

  • Activation of the local economy

  • Maintain the consistency with the upper plan


Raising the necessity of factory transfer/development

Anticipated Effects of Development
  • Resolving the civil complaints by overcoming environmental issues
  • Completing the expansion axis for neighboring cities in Gunsan
  • Leading the activation of stagnant Dong-Gunsan area/ripple effect
  • Developing the exemplary/leading eco-friendly multifunctional city
  • Enhancing the overall image of Gunsan
대상지 개발로 인한 기대효과 대상지 개발로 인한 기대효과